Welcome Little Elle V!

Welcome to the world sweet little Elle!

A few hours in the car and ten miles of winding roads found me at an old farm house in rural Indiana. A pair of tall dog eyes greeted me at the edge of my car window and a happy puppy close behind. Goose sent me in the house through the backdoor. Inside Caroline was nursing Elle- a few weeks old but barely fitting into her newborn clothing without swimming in them.

Caroline and I have been friends through 4-H for many years and even traveled to Germany together. I photographed Caroline and Donald's wedding in 2014 so getting to document their growing family is such a joy! <3

I spent an afternoon catching up with my old friend and documenting baby Elle in her purple, elephant adorned nursery (with some tractors and a motorcycle tank, of course). Elle's session included lots of handmade and thoughtful gifts and treasures, including a beautiful elephant rug, crotched clothes, Caroline's baby blanket and a motorcycle tank in memory of Goose's father. We even snapped a few full family photos including Ashton and both furry family members. I hope you all love the photos and I can’t wait to see Elle grow into a surely sassy, rowdy little farm girl! :)