Headshots | Comedian Sian Mason

It's 100% safe to say that Sian is one of the funniest and most intelligent humans I've ever met. It's an honor to call her one of my longest and closest friends. Her wit and drive have taken her all the way to Los Angeles to pursue the comedy scene, both performing and writing in the (hopefully near!) future. I was able to finally see her perform at the Ha Ha! Club in L.A. in November. She was amazing guys, truly, and surrounded by an incredibly supportive crowd of other talented and hilarious people.

When she came home to Kentucky for the Thanksgiving holiday we teamed up to do some traditional and not so traditional head shots in downtown Lexington. It was a blast to capture her personality. Sian I love you dearly and hope that you not only love your photos, but that they serve you well as you continue to pursue comedy in Los Angeles.

Enjoy! <3