Boersma to Be | Ron + Hannah Beth

Hannah Beth wished upon a friend, "I'd love to meet someone just like your husband!" and then the stars aligned that Ron and + Hannah Beth were introduced. A whirlwind romance between HB in Washington D.C. and Ron in Michigan quickly became exactly what both had been praying for.

Within months they were engaged, plans for HB to move to Michigan were set in stone and the wedding planning officially began! These two brought a wedding day packed with personality, Michigan loving football fans and so much joy. If there's one thing I heard repeated about both of them throughout the day, it's that their hearts are eager to serve and they care so deeply about those in their lives. As a speech language pathologist and a special education teacher- I think they found their perfect match in career and in life partner!

Ron and Hannah Beth's Labor Day weekend wedding day was bright even with the grey skies overhead. As friends trickled out of the bridal suite to go prepare for the day the guys downstairs were decked out in Michigan jerseys and tackling each other over the hotel couches. It was one of the only times I've photographed a wedding and worried about getting a football to the face. hah! Back upstairs, Hannah's mom helped her into her gorgeous dress and sparkly accessories. Ron waited patiently at the Mansion at Griffin Gate for his bride to arrive (fashionably late) but stunning as ever. Smiles, passing footballs, scolding, more smiles and off to the church they went!

They shared a private ceremony together before Ron's dad officiated their official church nuptials, followed by an amazing bubble exit and off on the trolley they went again! This time with more friends in town, the trolley was alive with Michigan team spirit and giddiness over the days events. As the trolley pulled back to the Griffin Gate, we stole a few more group shots and portraits before the celebration began! Hannah's father gave a sweet toast following the bride and groom's first dance, dinner was served and the dance floor filled as plates emptied. The revelry continued into the night as the tent cast a soft pink glow from beyond it's walls. What an incredible day.

Ron + Hannah Beth- I hope you LOVE your images as much as I loved getting to be part of your wedding day. Enjoy!