Detoma Takes a Holaday

Meet Gus + Amanda

I've known this couple for quite some time. Gus, as my high school best friend's (Katy) younger brother, and Amanda as one Katy's best friends from college. Somewhere along through the family gatherings and visits home to the Detoma’s- the glances and jokes exchanged between Gus + Amanda turned in to something more. As they say- the rest is history. :)

Gus + Amanda are both goofy and kind hearted and their wedding day was filled with touches that reflected that. Amanda got ready with her best friends and sisters all rocking comfy robes. The portrait time between the girls was filled with hilarious poses (only a handful made this post!) and laughter. The guys sported personalized sunglasses and vests with denim jeans. Gus and his mom have always shared a special bond so their first look and dance together were a sweet part of the day. Katy officiated their ceremony, as Gus did her almost exactly one year ago, and rocked the officiant role with laughter, "marrwaghe is what breengs us towgver todey" and moments where maybe tears would take over instead of words.

Their celebration involved amazing food (there were several remarks from the guests about it's excellence), dancing and apparently some keg stands at the end of the night that I barely missed (though those mayyy have not been safe for the internet anyway ;)). Their day was relaxed, joyful and perfectly them.

It's always a joy and honor to document such special days for friends and this one was no exception. Gus + Amanda- I hope you love the way your day was documented and that you'll treasure the photos for many, many years to come! <3


I hope you enjoyed this wedding day at the Round Barn at Red Mile Stable of Memories in Lexington, Ky. The gorgeous flowers are by Jeanie Gorrell, the amazing food by Bayou Bluegrass Catering and audio rentals from the Doo Wop Shop.