All Star Wedding Day | Hal + Chelsea

It’s hard for me to find the words for Hal and Chelsea. They have become dear friends and shared more in depth details of their relationship with me than most and I have such admiration for them because of it.

Hal and I met in college at UK when he lived with a group of good hearted, party loving boys (many of them here as groomsmen) in a haunt called BRO Haus. That little house on Hagerman Court hosted some of the best parties, late night porch conversations and jack-assery. It was a honestly just a really beautiful time in life that went far too fast. When Hal went to pharmacy school at UK- he met Chelsea. I met Chelsea before they started dating and I could tell there was a wild spark in Hal’s eye about her. Anyone who knows Hal knows exactly what I mean!

Through pharmacy school, injury and illness, rowdy get-togethers with their fraternity brothers and a move across the country to Washington these two have built the foundation of a relationship that is sure to stand the test of time. It’s every bit exciting (you might remember their whirlwind proposal story in California and Yosemite from last year!) as it is mundane (though 4 fur babies in a one bedroom apartment may not be mundane to most!). When you spend time with Hal and Chelsea, it’s impossible to not see how deep their love goes. Hal is always complimenting Chelsea on how beautiful she is, both share how much they love each other andhow lucky they are to have each other. I truly think they are lucky to have found such a wonderful partner in each other.

The wedding! It was one of my favorites of all time, but it’s easy to feel that way when it’s a mini reunion with college friends too. :) It was a perfect (but very windy!) fall day in late October. Hal and Chelsea exchanged gold grillz as wedding gifts and Chelsea's girls sported hand crocheted red shawls. As the sun started to set, their ceremony in the evening light took place in front of the Round Barn at RedMile in Lexington. Their personal vows, pinky kiss to seal the deal and Hal carrying Chelsea down the aisle made it unforgettable. We spent the last minutes of golden hour capturing beautiful portraits and then with a dueling piano band for the night! Hal did a dirty dancing lift to not one, but THREE, people over the course of the day. AND no wedding day would be complete without a trip to the Waffle House. We’ll call this wedding an "all star” day. :)

Hal and Chelsea- I love you two dearly I hope that you enjoy your photos. It’s truly an honor to have documented and adventured along side you through parts of your love story and I hope the future has more of those in store!