The Clarks

Kalen, Billy and their curious crew (Forrest, Beckett and Everly) met me in Gratz Park for some of their fist professional family photos together. There were lady bug searches (the kids even named one after me- SO sweet!), human pile ups, wrestling, races, chasing and ring-a-round-the-rosey. To be honest most of our two hour session was complete chaos and I absolutely LOVED every minute of it. <3

It’s wonderful to get those perfect family photos, and we certainly got a handful here, but I think it’s so much important to show your family and your children for who they are. The wildness, the belly laughter, the quiet moments as three kids hold a lady bug in amazement and want to make it part of the family. As a photographer it’s such a joy to capture all the energy of a family with every member included in the frames. I hope you enjoy this sessions and that many images also make you smile :)