Le nozze di Bosworth | Robert + Maris

Bright sunlight shone through the windows of the bridal room of First United Methodist Church on January 7th, filling it with warmth in contrast to the single digit temperatures and snow on the other side of the glass.

Robert and Maris met as freshman music majors at the University of Kentucky. As the only two piano performance majors- the stars aligned for them to spend a lot of time getting to know each other before they started dating their senior year. They love cooking together, wandering through bookstores and watching sitcoms together.

Although neither currently live or have family in Lexington, they chose to get married in the city where they met and first became friends.

Both are sentimental and exceptionally sweet, so their wedding day was sprinkled with musical influences and heartwarming touches- the two stress toy penguins (from their first date to the aquarium), a piece of lace from Maris’s mother’s wedding dress, a gifted pearl necklace from R to M, engraved cuff links from M to R, a handmade cake topper of the two playing the piano together, and a ceremony officiated by Maris’s uncle and Robert’s dad were just some of the things that made their day extra special.

As the afternoon approached the sun headed to the other side of building, casting an orange glow onto the front of the church and illuminating everyone as they walked down the aisle. Maris entered bright and beaming as Robert waited for her at the altar. As a witness to their vows and celebration, it was warm and filled with sincerity and laughter, which I hope these photos showcase. Robert and Maris are wonderful at keeping things fun and the energy of the day certainly reflected that- even when we were freezing outside for some portraits in the last remaining minutes of daylight. I kneeled on the floor in front of them as we drove away from downtown into the sunset- so that will always be a fun and special memory for me :)

As the evening of dancing and merriment concluded, the couple shared a final dance surrounded by their most dedicated party-loving family and friends. Each family did a group hug during the last song and it was the perfect way to end a really wonderful day.

Robert and Maris- thank you so much for choosing me to document your wedding day! Getting to know you both since meeting last June has been so wonderful and it was truly an honor to be such an intimate part of your day. Cheers and best wishes to many long and fulfilling years of marriage! <3

Photographer: Seriously Sabrina Photography
Second Photographer: Cassandra Zetta
Florist: Carol Lynn Originals and Events
Ceremony Location: First United Methodist Church
Portrait Location: Gratz Park
Reception Location: Signature Club at Lansdowne