Braxton Turns Five

Meet Braxton. He’s now FIVE! Which to me is totally crazy because I have had the privilege of photographing him every year of his life. It’s the first year I haven’t photographed him sitting in his small wooden chair (see the last photo for those)!

I love to photograph kids being themselves at different ages. Sometimes that means playgrounds, or sitting with them on their bedroom floors, chasing them around an open field or spending a few hours with them in the children’s museum to blow bubbles, check the heartbeat of every stuffed animal at the vet and wash wooden boats down a flooded channel. Brittany, it is always amazing to see how much you love your little boy and to watch him grow! I hope you love how I documented him at this age- where he loves cars, foot races and not giving mom kisses on the cheek anymore. Where does the time go?