Duckworthy Goods Commercial Shoot

Duckworthy Goods is a business founded by one of my long time clients and friends, Cody Lokits, and his brother Brandon Lokits. They created this line of luxury duck canvas and leather travel bags to meet a need in the market they felt was missing. A functional and fashionable bag for those who want to Adventure Well. Here are some of my favorite images for the commercial branding and promo shoot for Duckworthy Goods.

Special thank you to so many people who modeled and assisted with this branding session!
Duckworthy Goods Owners: Cody + Brandon
Videographer: Jonathan Tsang
Model: Erickson
Models: Heather Rous Weeks + Ryan M Weeks

To support their funding efforts and find out more information about their beautiful bags go to their Kickstarter Page CLICK HERE