Sunday Scratchy Pancakes | Bissett Family

I have taken many photos for the Bissett family over the past few years. When I saw that they would be relocating to West Virginia and saw the way Lara talked about saying goodbye to their home and the city of Lexington they have come to love so dearly, I just knew that doing some pictures of them in and around their home was something they would treasure.

On Sunday mornings, these four pile into the kitchen to make homemade pancakes from scratch, now known as “Scratchy pancakes” to the girls. Lara cooks them up in a cast iron skillet, while M&M get stuck in the couch cushions and keep busy in the play room and Bill drinks coffee from his Girls Rule superhero coffee mug. It’s a perfect day filled with all the little things that make a house a home. On their last Sunday in Lexington, I joined them for a session to document some of those little moments.

Bill + Lara, thank you for trusting me to create photos for your family so many times. Thank you for opening your home and letting me play with the M&Ms and thank you for the coffee and seat at the table for scratchy pancakes. <3 I hope you love the photos from our morning together and that your love song for Lexington keeps playing even though you’re now living a few hours away.