For the Love of Kentucky | Alex + Megan Engaged!

Megan's description of both her and Alex in her first email to me was that they both L.O.V.E. Kentucky. Megan grew up in Lexington, learning to bet on the ponies before she could drive a car, and Alex grew up in Prestonsburg in the Appalachian mountains. They met during finals week at the University of Kentucky. Even though their first date was at the library, they technically met out at a bar. Neither one knows why they were at the bar during finals week, though it’s a good thing they were because the rest is history! :)

In true American spirit, Alex proposed to Megan under the 4th of July fireworks in Washington D.C. and the two are planning their summer 2017 wedding between weekends of traveling the US. They chose some fun UK and Lexington locations (good 'ol honest Abe!) to salute their love of the Big Blue Nation and Buffalo Trace Distillery (you can’t get much more Kentucky than bourbon!) for their session.

From our very first email exchanges Megan felt like an instant friend! The way she talked about Alex was incredibly sweet, only trumped by how perfect they are together in person. They are a pair that I am so thankful the universe sent my way because spending an evening with them was such a blast.

A+M I hope you L.O.V.E. your engagement photos are much as you love Kentucky! I can’t wait to be part of your wedding celebration at Keeneland next summer. <3