A Merefield Engagement | Draw + Naz

Meet Drew + Naz

After graduating from college Naz jetted off to the beaches of Southeast Asia for almost a year. That delay in starting med school worked out quite well for both her and Drew because they ended up in the same class in the fall of 2012. Although Drew saw sparks immediately it took some time for him to court Naz (rumor has it there were a few rejections and an armed robbery involved). Nevertheless, they became official!

For their med school residency they both matched to Pittsburgh and made the big move together! With a trip to Nepal planned as a celebratory adventure, Drew made plans to propose and snuck an engagement ring into the country with him. While suffering from altitude sickness and mild food poisoning Drew got down on one knee at 18,000ft in the Himalayas and asked Naz to marry him. She obviously agreed! :)

While on a quick wedding planning trip to Kentucky I met up with Drew + Naz at their wedding venue The Vintage Barn at Merefield in Midway, Kentucky for an engagement session in the sunflower fields. It was truly a dreamy evening and I absolutely loved getting to experience how much there two laugh and play together. I hope that chemistry shines through in their photos and I can.not.wait to be part of their multi cultural celebrations this fall! Enjoy! <3