Rock n'Hochzeit | Patrick + Jenny

When I was ringing in 2009 with Jenny and my bestie Laura on a rooftop in Germany drinking White Russians and watching fireworks burst above the city- I never imagined that almost ten years later I'd be photographing Jenny's wedding! Jenny was paired with Laura for their high school foreign exchange program. Over the years Jenny and I have also stayed in touch, visiting each other in the US many times and always finding some time to spend together when I'm in Germany.

Patrick and Jenny met through their love of rock and metal music, festivals and flunky ball. They are a perfect match because they equal exactly one BBQ guest, Jenny drinks all the beer (he's alcohol free) and he eats all the meat (she's a vegetarian). Thankfully they both agree on how much they love cats and that food is the most important part of a great party. :)

Their wedding day had a Rock n'Roll vibe. From their clothes, to the music venue reception, to rocking heavy metal music until 3am it was more than fitting for their personalities. Following Standesamt (which is the German civil ceremony at the court house) P + J checked the guest list and gave everyone a festival arm band as they entered The Cave (their music venue location!). Their entire celebration was filled with surprises from family and friends- like a game involving clipping clothes pins on people, a person-to-person scavenger hunt to open a treasure chest, a balloon release and a personalized guest book where everyone filled out fun questionnaires.

Remember how I said food was super important to them? The only thing Jenny made sure of was that I got pictures of the food! The food truck California Dreaming catered the party- serving up mexican fare and hamburgers from an opera singing American chef. AND their first dance was a mosh pit that kept the dancefloor alive until 3am.

A few days before their wedding we also went out to do portraits. Their best friends joined in for the adventure involving a hike up to an art installation in Bottrop Germany called Halde Haniel. The overcast evening fit perfectly with their attire. I joked that they really need to start a band since so many of the portraits would make great album covers. :)

So P+J I hope you LOVE your photos! <3


Photographer: Seriously Sabrina Photography
Ceremony: Essen Rathaus
Party Venue: La Cave Home of Music
Catering: California Dreaming
Portrait Location: Halde Haniel