Married | Dan + Katie


Let's raise a toast to the kind of love that makes your eyes sparkle, that makes your heart flutter, that you can see without question from across the room- that my friends is Dan + Katie.

As the big door of Whitehall, a historic home in Louisville, Kentucky, swung open Katie's smile met mine as the day began. Upstairs were pink glittery champagne flutes held by hands of happy and helpful friends. As the rain fell outside, sprinkling the flowers in the garden with little beads of water, tears fell down cheeks as Katie finished dressing and the limo made it's way to the church.

At the church, Dan and his guys anxiously awaited, fixing boutonnieres to their jackets. Vows were exchanged, the space filled with hugs and laughter as wedding-goers made their way to Whitehall to continue the celebration.

A gorgeous setting for a gorgeous occasion. The gardens of Whitehall were a stunning backdrop for a stunning couple. The bridal party danced their way into the reception, that included heartfelt toasts Katie's dad singing to her during their dance together and a truly bumping dance floor. I can not say enough amazing things about Dan + Katie, their family and friends and the honor it was to document their day through my lens. When I think back on their day I see smiles, so many smiles a lot of happy tears and the beginning of a really wonderful life for Dan + Katie. Thank you so much for choosing me to document your love story.