Love Under Eagle Falls

Sometimes in life, you get an email from a stranger asking if they can meet you for coffee, pick your brain about photography and possibly shadow or shoot a wedding with you. Sometimes in life you meet a stranger for coffee, who turns out to be an awesome girl named Dana and ask her to shoot a wedding with you, then another, and another and then you're amazing friends and she asks you to shoot her engagement photos.

Dana and her fiance, Shawn, are adventurous and agreed to spend a whole weekend hiking, scrambling over slippery boulders and swimming under waterfalls to create a memorable experience and beautiful photos for their session at Cumberland Falls state park in southern Kentucky. My boyfriend even joined us so we all camped, made hotdogs, old fashioned jiffy pop and a breakfast of eggs and Coca-a-cola. It was such a wonderful weekend shared with these incredible people and these photos are only a fraction of our time together.

Dana and Shawn are truly partners in life, Dana the fun bubbly artist and Shawn the more reserved, creative, adventurer. They love to travel together, hike and rock climb. Dana is always telling me how supportive they are of the others creative endeavors. I'm so thankful for Dana's friendship, honored she asked me to document her and Shawn's love for each other and their love of adventure. I can't wait to be part of their wedding day next year. <3