Man with a Plan | Hal + Chelsea

Imagine that you get a knock on the door early in the morning, before the sun has barely risen, to find your best friend (Breanna) waiting on the doorstep and your boyfriend (Hal) mysteriously gone.

Breanna hands you a letter, a clue that begins a half day scavenger hunt. Chelsea followed to the clues by packing a bag to a mystery destination, heading to the spot where the two first met, grabbed their favorite all-star breakfast at the Waffle House, bought a new dress from a store in the mall, visited the place they first said "I love you" and finally ended at the UK college of Pharmacy to Hal handing her a plane ticket to California.

I had spent months coordinating with Hal on how this grand adventure would go down, becoming Chelsea's adventure buddy along the way. I boarded a plane with Hal and Chelsea to California and we were off to Los Angeles!

The next morning, Hal mysteriously disappeared once more! Chelsea and I adventured to get morning coffee, have her hair and makeup done and have her slip into that new dress and shoes she bought the day before! We then hopped in the car, Chelsea unaware of what was happening until she saw a sign for the Huntington Library. I could feel her nerves rising as we entered the grounds and strolled a familiar path towards the Tea Room- her favorite place in the world.

As we rounded the front of the building, I was texting Hal to give him the heads up and his brother Render was standing guard to tip us off on security that may interrupt our photo plans. Hal dropped to one knee and asked Chelsea to marry him. It was perfect, private and incredibly romantic. A "YES!" came with no hesitation. Months of planning were all worth that moment.

We strolled the garden grounds for some photos, enjoyed a wonderful meal in the Tea Room together and then made our way back to Santa Monica where Breanna was waiting to surprise Chelsea again and re-join in the adventure! :)

The next morning- We headed to Yosemite for a one of a kind engagement session! We hiked, froze and took in the spectacular scenery together with the face of El Capitian and half dome saluting us in the distance.

Hal and Chelsea, I hope you truly love these photos and I can not thank you enough for asking me to come along on and document this incredible adventure. Congratulations to you both and I look forward to joining in your wedding celebrations next year. <3